Hello Everyone, and Welcome to this Website!

The Internet is a wonderful instrument of technology! It allows us access to information at a speed, that to some before may not have thought possible. Whether it’s visiting search engines such as Google or Yahoo!, or social media communication and websites such as  E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter. These services can make our lives more directly connected on a conversational level, either talking with a Co Worker, classmate, or best friend. The people who helped to make this technology possible on our planet certainly deserve gratitude, and it’s inevitable counterpart; respect. As we all know so well though, on this place called Earth  the bad rises along with good. There many people (hopefully not the ones we mingle with) who use these tools as a negative breeding ground for all kinds of hateful and harassing speech. We’ve all heard of the cases of cyberbullying making national and international headlines. For those who committed suicide, the internet was the direction their fingers were pointed at as the “last straw” as the saying goes. We as a society have a tendency to wait untill someone or people does something drastic before we take notice… Which is usually a good thing because these are often our wake up calls to action. However our lives are meant to be fulfilled to the best of our ability, and prematurely taking ones owns life by our own hand, unless out of pure motive such as saving another’s life, or a debilitating mental illness that was never figured out is an entirely different scenario. There are so many hate groups out there and We can help make it a more open and tolerable system for all, when we collectively come together and shine our lights! I look forward to hearing from all of You on your experiences and feedback with harassment online. This blog is made for you, so please share and be specific with websites, groups etc. where these events have occurred. Thank You for your time and consideration!!!

Bless You!!!